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ICEFaces 1.8.1 migration

I have recently needed for upgrade to 1.8 from 1.7.2. The main reason I needed 1.8 is because my Auto Complete pop up list would not stay. It showed up for split of second and went away. It did not give me any chance to pick one from list. It worked perfectly on Firefox but not on IE 6 or 7. Here are some steps I had to take to make it work with my existing source.

Step 1:
First, I changed the pom.xml file to 1.8.1, it should be a piece of cake but apparently it did not do a thing.


Steps I had taken to make it work:

Stopped and started the Glassfish server.  Closed and restarted MyEclipse 7.1 with -clean command but still would not work.  Here are some sample errors I was getting:

<div id=":b0">IllegalArgumentException: Illegal null argument to ObjectInputStreamWithLoader

java.lang.RuntimeException: Cant copy Serializable object: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal null argument to ObjectInputStreamWithLoader

[#|2009-07-28T19:59:38.107-0500|INFO|sun-appserver9.1|javax.enterprise.system.stream.out|_ThreadID=11;_ThreadName=pool-1-thread-2;|19:59:38,107  INFO D2DViewHandler:84 -
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
ICEfaces 1.7.2
 Build number: 17
Revision: 17749</div>

As you may noticed that, even though I changed the pom to ICEfaces 1.8.1 but the server console showed 1.7.2.  I should thought about the server’s cache issue but instead I did these following long steps.

I installed MyEclipse 7.5 which I meant to install it anyway and also 1.8 comes with MyEclipse 7.5.  So after install the MyEclipse 7.5, I was still getting errors.  Then, I created a brand new project using MyEclipse 7.5 and copied src, web and pom.xml to the new project.

Eeeeh, still would not work.  Finally I logged in to the admin console for Glassfish and undeployed all old 1.7.2 related project, stopped the server, restarted the server but wait, still negative.  I was getting this weird error.

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space</div>
I Googled it and found out that “It’s easy to reproduce this problem by reloading the context over and over again until you get an OutOfMemoryError (10 times was enough for a simple app)”.  So, I had to take a break to deploy the app and at last, it worked. Thank you my LORD.

ICEfaces rock! MyEclipse rocks!! my application rocks!!!


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MyEclipse “Unknown tag warning for jsf tag libraries”

1. Unknown tag warning for jsf tag libraries.

– Using the -clean command line argument when starting up Eclipse can help a lot of strange problems disappear … more

eclipse.exe -clean
or, right click the MyEclipse shortcut, Property --&amp;gt; Shortcut
Start in: "C:\Users\Sohail\AppData\Local\Genuitec\MyEclipse 7.0\myeclipse.exe" -clean

– If above strategy does not work, create a brand new Web Project using MyEclipse IDE, add JSF capability then add Facelets capabality.
– Create a .xhtml page and add ui composition tag. This should solve it.

2. My Eclipse is too damn slow.
– Create project in local drive and do compile and run instead of running of network drive.
– You can go to Windows > Preferences > General > Capabilities > Advanced and disable the capabilities that you are not using. That would enhance the performance of the IDE.

3. How do I know what version of java MyEclipse IDE is using.
– MyEclipse –> Install Summary …
– MyEclipse –> Examples On-Demand … (pretty cool)

4. How to see warning and error details?
– Windows –>Show View –> Problems

5. No grammar constraints (DTD or XMl schema) detected for the document.
–  Window > Preferences > MyEclipse > Files and Editors > XML and select “Indicate when no grammar is specified” = Ignore.

6. java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
– Downloaded Eclipse 7.1 and started getting above error even though I have successfully completed unit testing for all methods.  MyEclipse IDE 7.1 by default runs on java 1.5.  I needed to run my project on java 1.6.

*** Date:
Friday, April 3, 2009 7:56:14 PM CDT

** System properties:
OS version=5.1.0
Java version=1.5.0_11

I have changed the default JDK Compliance level to 1.6 by going as follows:
Windows –> Preferences –> Java –> Compiler
I have also added Maven JDK to 1.6, Windows –> Preferences –> MyEclipseEnterprise Workbench –> Maven4MyEclipse –> Maven.

But I have forgot this following step:
Right click on the project –> Properties –> Java Build Path then click Order and Export tab and click JRE System Library [jre-6] checkbox.
javabuildpathSuggestion: Close and start the IDE after make any configuration changes also help to clean cache data.  In order to run the project you need to add a server and JDK (not jre) home. Windows –> Preferences –> Servers –> Glassfish 2.x –> JDK


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