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Eclipse WTP & JBoss Tools installation in Windows Vista

I have downloaded these two files from Eclipse website according to Max’s blog instructions.
1. wtp-all-in-one-sdk-R-2.0.1-20070926042742-win32.zip
2. JBossTools-2.0.0.GA-ALL-win32.zip
When I tried to unzip #1 zip file directly under c:\Program Files I got an error like this.

How did I solve it?
I opened up Windows ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’
Next, I clicked ‘User Accounts’, the following page has a list of things
I clicked ‘Turn User Account Control on or off’ and unchecked ‘User Account Control (UAC)’. I had to restart my computer to take the new change in effect.

How did I know that JBoss 2.0 was downloaded successfully.
The directory structure should look like this after unzipped two zip files. Make sure you unzip both zip files in a same directory. I screwed up first time, this is important.
Now by double clicking c:\program\eclipse\eclipse.exe should bring up Eclipse SDK.
Under Window -> Open Perspective, Web Development icon should shows up.

Now JBoss’s sexy tool pallets should be ready to roll.


March 22, 2008 Posted by | JBoss Tools | 4 Comments