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Exadel Tiggr Mockups

I have just started using Exadel Tiggr mockups. It is an online mockup tool, very easy to use and the closest design I can deliver it to the client before develop the product. Components like, text box, table, tabs, panels are very real looking. We are using JSF Richfaces implementations so; it does make sense to use Tiggr during mockups building.
Another cool feature that I love the most; it is a pure online-based tool, which eliminates all download and configurations issues. Tiggr creates shares and collaborate mockups with any number of designers, developers, project manager, scrum master ….. you name it.

Benchstock mockup screenshot


August 25, 2010 - Posted by | Mockup


  1. […] Exadel Tiggr Mockups (via Hobione’s Weblog) […]

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  2. Dude! This is a nice find. The sample mockups look very professional. We’ve been use Balsamiq Mockups (which I like), but it’s not free.

    Comment by davidwburns | September 17, 2010 | Reply

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