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JavaOne 2009: Day four

This is it. Last day of JavaOne or may be the last JavaOne. No body knows what’s going to happen to JavaOne under Oracle umbrella. I just hope for the best and wising to come back again right here in San Francisco. The entire general session was hosted by James Gosling. He handed Duke awards to several outstanding project team include Terracotta.org and Grameen Foundation.org etc.  The project name for Grameen Foundation is MIFOS.  I do feel connected to Grameen foundation and their effort to defeat global poverty and also support Dr. Yunus.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119

Conversations and Page Flows on the Java: I took this session with Dan Allen who is the author of Seam in Action book. He talked the concept that Seam and Spring Web Flow both introduce, a conversation context whose purpose is to maintain state that pertains to a use case across a series of pages. Dan also covered,

  • The definition of a page flow
  • How page flows are developed in Seam
  • How page flows are developed in Spring Web Flow
  • Seam’s ad hoc conversations

He recommended use Seam with ICEfaces since ICEfaces is a single page application but Spring will work as well.  In JSF 2.0, this conversation scope will be part of the framework.

One to one discussion with ICEfaces core Developer, Judy:  Here are some of her tips for my current HR training application:

  • Add a search to find a class
  • Eliminate white spaces
  • Break code to more XHTML files
  • Show stuff only it is needed on the page
  • Every action has to be happen in 1 (one) second

Here is the picture with me and Judy:  Thank you Judy for your helful tips and sat down with me while everyone was rushing to go home in Friday afternoon.  Appreciated.
Bye bye JavaOne, bye bye San Francisco.  It was such a quick 5 days for me.  My head is stuff full of good information, hopefully I get to use some these tips and techniques before I forget ’em.  Until next time I will be tune in Tony Bennett – I left my heart in San Francisco and Scott McKenzie or with Global Deejays.


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