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JavaOne 2009: Day One

Attended the general session with Johathan Schwartz, chief executive officer and president of Sun Microsystems.  The highlight was, how Java has evolved in past 14 years.  Java is everywhere from a small device to all the way to Mars. He brought eBay as an example.  eBay is a 100% java shop, $60 billion merchandises were sold in 2008, 60 million transaction per second.  Other guest presenter were, Blackberry, Blue-ray, Intel (Atom processor).  JavaFx was big part of the whole session.  James Gosling showed about RuneScape game and mentioned about store.java.com. It was nice being witness of Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy‘s handshake to watch live.

What does a leadership mean? It means Courage.
1. Ejb 3.1
2. Servlet 3.0: Annotation was introduced, no web.xml, asynchronous servlet

Spent rest of the day in Java Pavillion to network and discussed issues with Icefaces, Liferay, Teracotta, Spring and many other vendors.  I had a face to face conversation with Brian Chan, the Liferay Portal inventor.  He gave few web urls as a Liferay real life example.   www.nba.com is one of them.  I met with Wesley Reisz in Liferay booth who is a contract employee for U.S Army and seriously thinking to use Liferay instead of  Glassfish Web Space.  By the way, Glassfish Web Space is built on Liferay portal.


I also met Judy Guglielmin, who is the core developer for ICEfaces api.  We had a great conversation about ICEfaces and also about my current application that I have been working on.  She gave me ICEFaces T-Shirt for all my teammates.  THANK U, Judy.


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