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JavaOne 2009: Java University & CommunityOne

JavaOne! Wow!  What a kool place to be as a Java Developer.  Actually this is the best conference for any Java Developers that is loaded with stuff and not much fluff.  I have been pumped up to attend this year JavaOne since my Team Lead and Branch Manager have approved the request. This is my third years in JavaOne so my cohort and I’ve decided to come a day early to explore the beautiful San Francisco a little closer.  We wanted to take a bike ride yesterday (May 31, 2009) and cross the Golden Gate bridge but weather was not in our favor instead we went to see Coit tower, that was awesome.  We had some world best Clam Chowder at the Fishermen’s Whraf and smoke some good Cigar.  It was fun.

JavaOne has grown so much. They are adding more stuff every year. Today I have attended in general sessions for little bit with David Douglas.  Cloud computing was hot topic.

Cloud computing

I supposed to attend in whole day a special session on SOA but I only able to take the first half of the course. I think it was kind of boring because instructor chose to deliver the concept of SOA instead of how to do it method.  I do understand that SOA is a complicated concept to teach in eight hours but anyway, I have taken these following Community One sessions after lunch hour:

1. Glassfish application ServerAdam Bien gave us a tour of Glassfish Admin Gui for V3 and talked about how a Portal server can run in Glassfish.  He refused to make comments on Oracle app server vs future of Glassfish server.  www.glassfish.org/portal.  Adam also mentioned about jFluidProfiler, a new way to profile a java application.

2. JSF/Portlet/Ajex Push: Ed Burn and Neil Griffins talked about JSF 2.0 and how Icefaces will behave with this new version of JSF.  One good thing out of many in JSF 2.0, it has built in Facelets support, which is very cool.  Ed explained Inter Portlet communication VS. Inter Browser communication.   Neil showed that how easy to build composite components in JSF 2.0.  Question was asked about ICEfaces + Clustering, Neil told us to go look at his blog for it.

3. Hibernate ScalibilityTerracotta.org showed how it can help to high-scale Spring and Hibernate reference application.  Terracotta is a open source project and current version is 3.1.  Terracotta received Duke’s choice award in last day of conference. Highlights of topics are:

  1. When to use second level cache
  2. When to detach your conversation
  3. Recognize non-relational data
  4. Open session in view
  5. Examinator use case:
    • Password reset
    • Single signon

4. What do we need to know about creating and running a scalable websiteZembly.com presented some cool tricks and tips to create Facebook application.  Shared their experience of weekly one hour holistic testing before product gets released.


June 1, 2009 - Posted by | JavaOne

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  1. I didn’t know you were at JavaOne!
    Heading back home now. See you online.

    Comment by Alexis MP | June 5, 2009 | Reply

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