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ICEfaces: Open up one tree node only

I wanted to open up one tree node instead of the whole tree. Here is a screen shot that I wish to happen when application get initialized.  The key is, it should happens always in the third node in this case “IRM-2008-000021-A”.

ICEFaces Tree

ICEFaces Tree

I have tried this code, but noting seems to be happening.

 if (count == 2) {

Solution: Here how we have tackled the issue. Couple things we have learned about ICEfaces tree.
1. By default it expend
s to true. So if I don’t set IceUserObject.setExpanded(false); tree nodes always will be opened.
2. If I want to open up only 3rd node, I have to explicitly set IceUserObject.setExpanded(true); for node 1 and 2.

if(count == 1){
                }else if (count == 2) {

count == 1 will always open up the 3rd item from the list which will be the project folder of root.  So, here what I am saying, open up node #1 and node # 2 only and set other nodes close and here how it looks.




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  1. Hey Friend
    Can you provide code for this icefaces tree issue. I also want this feature in my project. It would be of great help

    Comment by karan | May 18, 2010 | Reply

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