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JSF Drag ‘n Drop with JDeveloper 11g

Toady is February 22, 2008. It was an interesting day for me at work. David (my co-worker) and I decided experimenting some JSF Drag and Drop (DnD) IDE to speed up our development process. David downloaded JDeveloper 11g (780 MB) and started doing some tutorials on ADF Faces but unfortunately ADF does not support IE 6. Click here to see the full story

I also had a discussion with JDL about JSF components Vs. Ajax components

HH: What would be advantages using JSF + Ajax components (Woodstock, Richfaces, ADF) vs. pure Ajax libraries (YUI, Tibco, JMaki, GWT) to build web UI?

JDL: The former gives you better integration with your backend objects. They’re also a lot easier to get working but, if you need really fine-grained control, or something for which there is no JSF component, then the latter may be your best bet

HH: I am wonder, if I use JSF in the backend, how easy it would be to work with those pure AJAX libraries like YUI or Tibco?

JDL: You’ll have to do something in your web app to handle the Ajax requests something like DynaFaces. Unless there’s a really good reason for them, I’m not sure I’d put myself through that kind of pain

JDL: YUI and maybe Tibco (I really don’t know anything about it) will not lend themselves well to DnD development. Dreamweaver is supposed to have nice facelets integration.

HH: Thanks for discuss with me about this issue. I am going to stick with JSF+Ajax components. I will take a look at the ICE Faces and see how easy to build UI on Netbeans and I will suggest David to use earlier version to develop ADF DnD.

JDL: /me nods though…jdev– :)(, no one uses it

JDL: JBoss Developer Studio has DnD gui building for RichFaces…checking on others… http://www.jboss.com/products/devstudio

HH: Did you know, ADF does not work on IE 6. ADF Faces 11 extends Apache MyFaces Trinidad though if you use ADF Faces 11 classes/components, I believe you will not be able to use IE6. If you use purely Apache MyFaces Trinidad then I think IE6 will be fine.


February 22, 2008 - Posted by | Java Server Faces

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